The only advanced predictive analytics software which makes it possible to generate insights from data without having prior background in data science.

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Enable Data-Driven Culture
DataStories is an AI Software Platform for the enterprise. It is an easy way to upgrade managerial thinking and capability and entry into building data-driven culture.
Software Suite
The single platform serves
corporate leadership, R&D scientists, 
process engineers & operations
marketing, and  digital strategists.
The single platform serves
corporate leadership, 
R&D scientists, process engineers & operations
marketing, and 
digital strategists.
Expand Analytic Capabilities
Enables data scientists to expand analytics capabilities and become significantly more efficient in serving business stakeholders. 

Next Level Augmented Intelligence for 
Innovative Enterprises

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Timely Root-Cause Analysis can improve overall equipment efficiency by 80%-90%, but it also offers numerous other benefits such as:

  • improved credibility at the end customers,
  • less scrap,
  • fewer returns,
  • better understanding which materials,
  • process conditions,
  • context in influencing quality deviations.

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How to do Root-Cause Analysis in complex manufacturing

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For complex manufacturing, same day root-cause analysis is critical to maintain reputation and get market differentiation.

It took us at DataStories more than a decade of research to come up with the machine learning algorithms that generate explainable models and another 7 years to create a no-code  tool that provides the insights to the process experts in a self-service form without requiring any data science knowledge.

The future of advanced data analytics in complex manufacturing is here! Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to do root cause analysis, without having prior background in data science.

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